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12thJune2021Trail Running in the Dolomites


24/03/21 - 06/06/21

News of 24 April 2021 - the organisers of the ASV Gherdëina Runners have made a positive decision.

All protocols are respected, but the desire to race is great.

Only 150 places are still available!

A recent statistical survey by a major company in the running industry showed that one in three runners are running more in this pandemic period than before Covid-19 was introduced.

It didn't take much data, in fact it's enough to look around, in the city, in the suburbs, in the mountains, everyone is out with running shoes and a great desire for the outdoors. The warm weather, mild temperatures and longer days associated with the reawakening of nature are a must for anyone with a passion for running.  And running is possible even during the lockdown.

The race calendars have been turned upside down many times by several organisers. But the Dolomites Saslong Half Marathon is scheduled to take place on 12 June. Manuela Perathoner, president of the ASV Gherdëina Runners, was cheered on by the many running enthusiasts and, as was to be expected, found the support of the board and the competition's closest collaborators.
Manuela Perathoner and her staff are not only organisers, they are also great running enthusiasts and therefore.... they don't want to hang up their shoes so easily.
"The race will happen, we will stick to the current guidelines and possibly adjust the format to ensure social distance and respect the restrictions. After all, we already have 449 registrants who often call to enquire whether one is running or not, we could not disappoint them," says the president.

To ensure a high standard of organisation and the safety of supporters, the organisers have set a maximum number of participants at 600, so there are still 151 race numbers available.

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