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11thJune2022Trail Running in the Dolomites


11/06/22 - 31/05/23

Alex Oberbacher, 1st place

It is my home race, I like the course. I have participated in two editions and it has always gone well. I'm happy! I don't often train on this course, because I can already do some nice routes from my home. But sometimes I come to this course because it is unique, I definitely know it well. I started in the bunch and when the real climb began I tried to gain as much time as possible, because I knew it was my forte. I tried to break away, I gained a minute, I tried to manage it. I lost a little bit but it still ended well.


Daniele Felicetti, 2nd place

We got off to a controlled start, I started at the front and tried to set my own pace, see what happened. Then on the climb Alex changed gear and was always in front. Lukas and I gave each other a run for our money and got closer to him, about 30 seconds, then with Lukas we exchanged second position. So in the finale I pushed a little harder. I believed in it all the way: I wanted this result and I went for second place. This race is always spectacular, it is now a regular event in the Dolomites, always a spectacle.


Martina Cumerlato, 1st place

What is it like to win almost at home with your boyfriend (Alex Oberbacher) who trains you?

Joking aside, I am very happy that he won and also that I won, it is an enormous satisfaction, racing around these mountains is now a second home for me here, you can't ask for anything more, it was a fantastic day. I started in the lead and came in first, however I have to give a big applause to the second, she is in her first race and she did a crazy number. I knew I had someone behind me and I tried to push really hard... it wasn't as easy as it might have seemed. I am from Torrebelvicino, in the province of Vicenza.


Benedetta Coliva, 2nd place

I am from Bologna, and this is my first race. I love this place, I've been coming here since I was a child, I've always done mountain runs and I discovered my passion for running quite a while ago, then I also started running in the mountains, which is what I love most. I had wanted to take part in this race for a couple of years, I had signed up two years ago but I injured my knee and couldn't be there, I was very sorry. So I came here today full of emotion, but I didn't think I would face it like this. I was thinking about my race, to enjoy it to the full without overdoing it, I knew that the first one was far ahead and pushing, I gave it my all and I am happy with that.


Martina Falchetti, 3rd place

It went very well, hard, harder than I expected, very tough. I live near here, in Ortisei. I didn't expect to do this time because it was the first time for me in such a long distance, I had some difficulties in particular behind the mountain because it was all ups and downs full of stones, stairs, jumps, it was all very muscular, let's say, and the descent was no less, it was steep, but all very beautiful.

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