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11thJune2022Trail Running in the Dolomites


08/06/24 - 31/03/25


Alex Oberbacher 1st place:

My race went well, I regret the absence of Daniele (Felicetti, winner 2023) because I recognise that he is very strong and I wanted my revenge. I am happy with my performance, as I was able to confirm myself with the favourable odds. Winning at home is always a great emotion, with people who know me and my family coming to cheer me on. I tried to start off by keeping myself in the lead group and then make a break on the steep section, I managed on the flat at altitude and then the descent went smoothly.


Luca Clara 2nd place:

I am happy, I hope to confirm myself at these high levels in the future and improve further. Today I only thought about doing my race, well aware that Alex (Oberbacher) would be uncatchable. I did my best to keep my rhythm and race at my own pace. We are all happy with this important team result.


Georg Piazza 3rd place:

Before the start I didn't feel extremely well, I started at my own pace without trying to keep up with the leaders at all costs. I set a comeback race, increasing my pace at altitude and then on the descent I recovered to finish third. Now that I have some experience...I might as well use it!



Martina Bilora 1st classified:

I am really happy. I was aware that the last training sessions went well, but then in the race you never know. The race started well, but in the toughest uphill sections I admit that I had some doubts, I am quite insecure myself and I do not put myself in the front. I realised I could do it in the very last kilometres... The course is incredible. If I were from here I would use it all the time for training. It's just the way I like it, it's ‘runnable’ mountain as I say! It gets the legs going a lot and is suited to my characteristics.


Martina Cumerlato 2nd classified:

I have no complaints about this race, I gave it my all. Victory was the goal, but I am nevertheless happy with my performance. I knew that Martina (Bilora) was in good shape and that this race suited her... and to think that I was the one who invited her to participate! This event is beautiful and it is a great pleasure to participate in it.


Anna Santini 3rd classified:

What a spectacle! I knew the course a little bit because I go there with my family and friends for my hikes, but it is really beautiful. I always try to give everything uphill because the downhill is not my forte, I am satisfied.

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