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11thJune2022Trail Running in the Dolomites

Regulations Dolomites Saslong Half Marathon

Learn all the rules and regulations of the Saslong Half Marathon, such as registration and entry conditions, catering, liability or nature conservation


ASV Gherdeina Runners, Via Trebinger 15, I-39047 Ortisei,


Anyone above the age of 18 from the date of the race can enter.

The race will take place over an alpine route, which is very challenging in parts. It is requested therefor that participants have: sure footing over mountain trails, are in excellent physical and mental condition and are adequately athletically prepared. Each participant at the moment of entry declares to compete at their own risk, to be responsible for their own safety and to be in possession of the present required participation conditions.

All participants of Italian nationality must be in possession of a valid medical certificate of fitness for light athletic‘ issued by a recognised sports doctor. In addition they have to be a member of UISP or FIDAL or be in possession of a runcard.

Foreign participants who are member of an association recognized by World Athletics (IAAF) need to upload the membership card or as an alternative a declaration from their association.
Non members of an association recognized by World Athletics have to upload a valid health certificate (please use the form “Certificate of health for athletes from abroad”, otherwise it won’t be accepted). The health certificate has to be uploaded on Enternow, please do not send it to the organising committee. The membership card or the membership declaration has to be sent by email to

The subscription is valid only after payment of the entry fee and after having uploaded all the required documents.

"Just for fun" participation for foreigners - non competitive participation:

  • no medical certificate required
  • Timekeeping
  • Alphabetical result list without ranking

Participants who have not uploaded a health certificate according to the regulations by 09.06.2023 will automatically be classified as "Just for Fun" participants. 


The race is around 21 km long with an altitude difference of 900m, and will start and finish at MontePana/St. Christina going in a clockwise direction around the Sassolungo massif, accompanied by a breathtaking panorama. A more inspiring location for a mountain run would be hard to find.

The competitors must respect the route markings at all times, and also any instructions given by the race attendants and the race doctor.

Disrespect of the rules will result in disqualification without any right to a refund of the entry fees.

In case of adverse weather conditions, natural disaster or for other reasons outwith the control of the race organisers, the route my be varied or the race may be canceled, without any refund of the entry fee to the participants.


The time limit allowed to complete the Saslong Half Marathon is a maximum of 4 hours.
Time limit to reach the Sella pass (~8 km): 2 hours
Time limit to reach the Sasso Piatto hut (~15 km): 3 hours

After which times the competitors will not be given a classification and will not be guaranteed the use of services such as refreshment stations, medical assistance, control points, chronometer, classification, medal etc.

As a result of exceeding the maximum time limits race bibs with be clearly marked and participants with assume complete responsibility for any consequence thereof.

Timing is done electronically using a chip which is provided free of charge. The chip must be returned to the organizers after the competition. If not returned, a fee of € 25.00 will be required from the participant.


The Saslong Half Marathon takes place on alpine routes, including rough paths, trails and gravel.

It should be noted that the weather in the mountains can change rapidly. Trail shoes and clothing adapted to the conditions prevailing on the day of the race are highly recommended. It's allowed to use sticks.

The organisers reserve the right to obligate participants to the use of trail shoes if the conditions should demand it. Any athlete who does not conform to this request will be excluded from the race without exception, without refund of entry fees.


Subscription is only possible online in cooperation with Enternow - see on the website under "Registration". Only after all the necessary documents have been uploaded, the receipt of a relevant valid medical certificate and payment made, the subscription will be accepted. Incomplete entries or entries without payment of the fee will not be accepted.
There is a limit of 600 participants.

The entry fee is fixed at:

Euro 50,00 up to 31.12.2022
Euro 60,00 from 01.01.2022 until 31.03.2023
Euro 70,00 from 01.04. until 31.05.2023
Euro 80,00 from 01.06.2023

Subscription entitles participation in the race and includes the following services:

  • Special race pack
  • Race medal for all classified athletes
  • 1 drink and 1 meal in the finish area
  • Refreshment stations along the race route
  • Free car-parking
  • Showers in the finish area

The subscription fee has to be paid within 3 days in case of payment by credit card (oder other instant payments) or within 5 days in case of bank transfer after subscription. If the subscription is after 19.05.2023, payment within 2 days is necessary. If no payment is received within the payment period, the registration can be cancelled by the organizer or Enternow.

Athletes who are members of the FIDAL or UISP should also indicate the number of the membership card.

The closure date for receipt of entries is fixed at Friday 9th June 2023 at 12:00 am.
Late entries will be accepted at the race office up until one hour before the start of the race.

The entry fee is, for whatever reason, non refundable, and is not valid for successive race entries. See next point "Refung of subscription fees".

Swapping of race bibs is not permitted and risks disqualification.

On subscription the competitor declares to be aware of, and to accept, the present regulations in all their parts, and to certify the details given as true, and to exonerate the organisers from any responsibility whether civil or penal, for personal damage and/or damage to belongings caused by him/her or subjected to him/her. The competitor declares furthermore to participate in the race at their own risk and under their own responsibility, to be adequately prepared and to be in excellent physical condition.

The athlete also expressly authorises the organisation, along with its legal subjects with which it maintains a professional and commercial relationship, to the taking of photographs or film of the event, and of the organisations free right to use any moving or fixed images in which the athlete may appear, taken during their participation of the Saslong Half Marathon, on any visual device, publicity material or product, broadcast in any part of the world and without a time limit.

Registered office- Bolzano


The subscription fee will NOT BE REFUNDED or transferred to the next edition FOR ANY REASON, even in the event of cancellation of the race, or for any other motives or circumstances outwith our control.
We recommend taking out the cancellation insurance offered on the registration portal. The race number can be transferred to another person until 31.05.2023 for a handling fee of Euro 15. The transfer of the race number takes place via the registration portal Enternow.


  • Tramans (ca. km 4) – Drinks
  • Comici-Hut (ca. km 5,5) – Drinks and snacks
  • Hotel Passo Sella Resort (ca. km 8) – Drinks and snacks
  • Friedrich August Hut (ca. km 10) – Drinks
  • Plattkofel Hut (ca. km 14,5) – Drinks and snacks
  • Junction path 30A (ca. km 18,5) – Drinks and snacks
  • Arrival area – Drinks and snacks

Note: according to the safety regulations in force at the time of the race


The intended categories are as listed:

  • F/M 20
  • F/M 30
  • F/M 40
  • F/M 50
  • F/M 60
  • F/M 70 and older

Prizes will be given in the following nature:

  • The first 10 of the general classification male and female
  • The first 3 classified of each category (where less than 3 athletes for each category pass the finish-line, the categories will be regrouped: junior with senior, all others in the next youngest category).
  • The participant who comes closest to the middle time
  • Every athlete who crosses the finish-line inside the maximum time allowed will receive a finisher medal

Only the athletes present will be awarded, the prizes will not be sent.


In case of retirement from the race along the race route, the competitor is obligated, at the first available opportunity, to present themselves at the closest check point to let a race marshal know of their intention, to register themselves and hand over their race bib (which can be recollected in the finish area at the end of the race). If the participant fails to communicate their intention to retire from the race, with a resulting search along the route for them, the competitor or their team will be billed for all costs appertaining thereof.

The subscription fee will not be refunded in either case.


All unsporting, illegal behavior which does not respect the present regulations (for example, not keeping to the marked route, taking shortcuts, insults, bad behavior or threats towards members of the organisation or the voluntary assistants, doping, swapping or transferring of race bibs, false declarations on subscription…) will as a consequence result in disqualification. The participation with dogs is not allowed

Eventual complaints must be presented to the director of the race within 30 minutes of the publication of the classifications, accompanied by a deposit of Euro 50,00.


The Saslong Half Marathon crosses a protected nature reserve of great environmental and cultural value. The leaving of rubbish along the route, outwith the provided containers placed near each refreshment station is forbidden and will result in disqualification.


The organization, under the indication of the authorities responsible for issuing the necessary authorizations for the proper and safe conduct of the event, reserves the right to change at any time and without prior notice the date of the event, the starting time, the race route, the location of refreshment points, etc..
In the event of adverse weather conditions and/or for safety reasons, the organization, at the sole discretion of the race director or the competent authorities, reserves the right to suspend, postpone or permanently cancel the event.
The suspension or cancellation of the race will not entitle the competitors to any refund of the entry fee. See point "Refung of subscription fees".


With subscription, online, to the Saslong Half Marathon, the participant declares to be aware, and to accept, the regulations of the event which are to be found on the internet site under the section ‚Regulations‘. The participant also declares to be 18 years old or older on the day of the race and to ensure compliance of all health-care regulations concerning the relevant sports in Italy and to accept the responsibility declaration below in all its parts.

I hereby declare to be aware and to understand that to participate in the event could be dangerous for my health. I understand the I should not subscribe to participate if I am not medically fit to do so and am not athletically prepared for a course such as this which will take part over 2000 metres above sea level. I completely exonerate the organisers, the sponsors and the various voluntary groups and any other public or private subject who has an organisational role in the event, from any responsibility, and I am aware that any occurrence or complaint caused by the negligence of the various parties cannot be attributed to the organisers.

In reference to the Italian Legislation no. 196 of 30/06/2003 (Singular Text of Privacy) and GDPR 2016/679 the organisation hereby declares that all personal details collected will be used exclusively to provide a list of participants, the various classifications and the archive. They may also be used for the sending of informative material from the organisation and their partners.

For whichever has not been considered in the present regulations, the regulations of the UISP are valid.

The organisational committee reserves the right to modify the present regulations at any moment for any reason deemed necessary for better organisation of the race. Eventual changes will be announced on the internet site

Through subscription the participant authorises the organisation to use the images for the promotion of the event on any nation and international media.

Nature reserve